Mastando & Artrip has been involved in complex civil litigation since it was first formed in 2011. With a combined 50+ years handling complex matters from Class Actions to Multi-District Litigation and Consolidated Class Cases.

Currently, we are actively litigating cases in California and Michigan for deceptive emissions against both Fiat Chrysler of America and General Motors. These cases are based on the allegations that these companies, much like Volkswagen, installed so-called “defeat devices” in their cars and trucks which would allow the car to adjust emissions depending on whether or not they were being tested.

Tony and Eric have a significant amount of experience in this area given that they were on the team of lawyers representing several thousand Alabama citizens against Volkswagen. And they are still pursuing these case on behalf of a few individuals who have yet to be sufficiently compensated by the settlement obtained in that case.

We are also part of the legal team pursuing claims against Equifax in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia. While that case is just getting started, Tony and Eric have already committed their time and resources to ensuring those affected by one of the largest data breaches in history are compensated appropriately.

In addition, we are currently involved in litigating cases in Apple (for battery life reduction) and Uber (another data breach case). Both are pending in California, but Tony and Eric are making sure that the Alabama plaintiffs receive their fair share of any settlement or judgment.

If you have a case with which you believe our firm can assist, call Eric or Tony. Either will be happy to discuss your case with you let you know their thoughts.