Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident & Injury

It is really no wonder why there are so many accidents involving 18 wheelers and other types of commercial vehicles. Long hours, driver distractions and use and/or abuse of stimulants all contribute to conditions where accidents can occur and innocent drivers and their passengers are either hurt or killed.

Alabama has over 13,000 registered motor carriers operating nearly 70,000 trucks. In 2005, a group of national highway safety advocates ranked Alabama third on its list of deadliest states for truck crashes.

Claims arising from wrecks caused by tractor trailers are much more complicated than simple personal automobile wreck claims. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will work fast to obtain and preserve the trucking logs, witness statements, police reports and other important evidence.

The Federal Motor Carrier regulations will be reviewed to determine if the company has violated any applicable rules.  Experts in the trucking industry may be hired to review documents and support your case.  We will check to see if driver fatigue, overloading, or faulty equipment contributed to the wreck.

Some trucking companies hire unqualified drivers, encourage speeding or overload trucks. If these conditions caused or contributed to a wreck, then the trucking company should be held responsible for your personal injury.

We have handled dozens of major accidents in the past resulting in millions of dollars paid to our clients. We will be happy to help you with your case.