Nursing Home Litigation

Nursing homes have complete control of our loved ones, who cannot care for themselves fully. The nurses and doctors at these facilities help them rise, go to the bathroom, eat, and move throughout the facility. Because of this, nursing homes have an enormous responsibility to ensure the safety of their patients.

Also, as medical professionals, they are responsible for making sure that the patients in their care received appropriate medical treatment, including trips to the emergency room, antibiotics, and sufficient intake of fluids.

Unfortunately, nursing home regulations are not always followed to the letter: shortcuts are taken, steps are skipped. As a result, patient care can suffer. In most instances, this does not develop into a major concern. However, occasionally, there are serious and sometimes even life-threatening results.

We have handled a number of nursing home cases involving abuse, substandard care and the failure to follow proper protocols. If you or a family member has been injured in a nursing home and you believe that the staff or doctors are responsible, please contact us and we can discuss the case and your available options.