Lawsuits involving the death of a client’s family member or friend are some of the most difficult for loved ones to handle. Whether that death occurs because of an accident, a defective product or the criminal actions of another, a sudden loss is always a terrible situation for those left behind.

The law in Alabama has a unique way of dealing with compensation in wrongful death cases. First, we never get to tell the jury what that person’s station in life was; what they did for a living. We never get to discuss the relationships that that person had with those who they left behind. We don’t get to inform the jury about the wonderful things that made that person unique.

The theory behind this is simple: the law views all human life as precious no matter what the person did for a living or how big their family was at the time of death.

Compensation For Wrongful Death

For this reason, the only kind of damages available under Alabama’s wrongful death statute are punitive damages. That is, the settlement amount is designed to punish the person or company responsible for the wrongful death and deter future, similar conduct.

If your friend or loved one has died and you believe it is a result of someone else’s actions, please call us to discuss your case. Although we cannot promise results, we can promise you the most effective legal advice available.