Injured While Riding Your Bike?

Motorcycle accidents commonly result in catastrophic injuries, permanent disability, and an on-going need for medical care. Your life can be turned upside down.

Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys can help you and your family protect your legal rights and stand up to the insurance companies so that you can get the full compensation that you truly need.

Selecting a Motorcycle Lawyer

One thing that really bothers us are people who lie or misrepresent who they are. In the world of motorcycle lawyers, there are lawyers who put on a leather motorcycle jacket, sit on a bike that has never been started and put that picture in an ad. And then there are lawyers who, in their ads, tell us what great lawyers they are when the truth is that they are afraid of the court room and have never actually tried a case to a jury verdict.

Motorcycle accident attorney Tony Mastando and his ride
Attorney Tony Mastando has been an avid motorcyclist since 1986.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident and need a lawyer, there are 3 questions you need to ask:

Question 1) What exactly is your motorcycling experience?

Answer: This is important. A lawyer has to know the right and wrong way to ride a motorcycle; e.g., should you use the front brake in a panic stop? Your lawyer needs to know the mechanics of motorcycle design; e.g., linked braking vs. A.B.S vs. standard braking. Which system will leave skid marks and which won’t?

Question 2) How many cases have you actually tried in front of a jury?

Answer: We have been deeply involved in litigation that has resulted in real money for injured plaintiffs. We have stood in front of juries and argued our clients’ cases more times than we can recall.

In 2011, attorneys Tony Mastando, Teri Mastando, and Eric Artrip combined their more than 45 years of collective and diverse legal experience to create a law firm dedicated to providing personal legal representation to individuals. Hire them and the M&A team will put their combined legal experience to work for you, and you’ll receive the personal attention that you deserve. Tony, Teri, and Eric have represented clients in many forums, ranging from the halls of Congress to the local county courthouses.

Question 3) Why are your trial results important?

Answer: Insurance companies have detailed records on all lawyers. They know that one percent of all lawyers actually go to trial and the monies that the juries award their clients. If the insurance companies know a lawyer settles every case and is afraid of going to trial, they offer very little money, knowing the lawyer always “folds” prior to trial.

Remember, it costs no more to have a successful lawyer the insurance companies respect than a lawyer six months out of law school, or than a lawyer who is afraid of the courtroom.

Other lawyers often ask us how many cases we have won. We answer them by saying we don’t keep track of our wins. We do keep track of our losses because they don’t happen often. We think about it every day.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident contact us for a detailed evaluation of your case.