Slip and Fall Injuries

Property owners have a duty to prevent injury to anyone who comes onto their property. This is true for a business or a personal residence. If you are hurt by the negligence of a property owner, you may be entitled to have them pay for your recovery and losses.

Examples of these kinds of personal injury cases include slipping on a slippery grocery store floor, being hurt at a dangerous construction project, falling through a neighbor’s unsafe porch or being injured in a fire created by hazardous conditions.

Handling Insurance Companies in Slip & Fall Accidents

These cases typically involve insurance companies.  Insurance companies will often fight such cases by trying to put the blame for the accident on you.  It is wise not to sign any papers that the business or home owner’s insurance company presents you until you have consulted with your own attorney.

When litigating these cases, we will look at the contracts for maintenance of the property as well as the history of falls in a given location. When necessary we have sued builders and architects for defective design and for using inappropriate or sub-standard materials.

Rest assured, we will make sure to fully evaluate your claims and make sure that all parties responsible pay a fair portion of your recovery.