DECATUR, AL (WAFF) – Back in January, Decatur police arrested Dr. Michael Dick of Alabama Medicine and Rheumatology in Decatur on misdemeanor harassment charges. Now six women say they were were sexually assaulted by Dick.

Attorney Eric Artrip said each woman’s story is consistent in that they all were harassed on their third visit. Each woman claims Dick touched them inappropriately.

“The pattern of his behavior was remarkably consistent. The first two visits with these women were fairly routine. It was on that third visit where he really stepped out of bounds into the realm of sexual harassment,” Artrip said.

All the victims felt they would not be believed because Dick is a prominent physician.

“Most of the women immediately went looking for other doctors and never went back to his clinic again. They did not want to file charges because they thought no one would believe them,” said Artrip.

Artrip said they have filed their civil lawsuit and will be working with the Morgan County district attorney and the Alabama Medical Board on their investigation.

All the women have the same goal of bringing this action to light so he doesn’t hurt anybody else.

WAFF 48 News reached out to Dick for a comment, but he declined.


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