“They broke her arm so badly she had to have surgery. That’s a serious injury” attorney Eric Artrip

by Valerie BellWednesday, October 12th 2022

A complaint was filed in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County against three minors and three administrators at Mortimer Jordan High School.

The lawsuit claims that the administrators failed to act in addressing bullying that occurred amongst students, where threats were made.

The suit was filed by Mastando & Artrip located in Huntsville, and refers to a fight that happened in the halls of Mortimer Jordan High School.

“They broke her arm so badly she had to have surgery. That’s a serious injury,” said attorney Eric Artrip.

Artrip said in this situation, the school system failed to act.

“In this situation, we have clear notification on multiple prior incidents where these young woman threatened physical harm on this woman,” explained Artrip.

Along with three minors, students at the school who allegedly participated in the bullying, the complaint was filed against the principal Craig Kanaday and the assistant principals Hope Key and Tim Reeves. The suit claimed those administrators ignored warning signs which led up to the incident.

“What we really hope is that cases like this can bring real constructive change in the schools, where principals, assistant principals, counselors, teachers, everyone there at the school, will take bullying seriously, because if they don’t, it can lead to something like this,” said Artrip.

The following statement was released on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Walter Gonsoulin:

The Jefferson County Board of Education has been made aware of a lawsuit that has been filed against several Mortimer Jordan High School employees. We are carefully reviewing the allegations made in the complaint, but have no reason to believe that our employees acted unprofessionally or improperly in discharging their duties under the circumstances in question. As the matter is in litigation, and in keeping with our general practice, we will not be issuing any further comment regarding the suit.
Bullying in Jefferson County schools can also be reported via a form on their website.

The entire lawsuit can be read here: https://www.scribd.com/user/481927490/Jeff-Wyatt#from_embed

Read the complete article here – ABC News
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