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FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) – A high school student in Florence who allegedly had sex with his substitute teacher says other students threatened his life.

WAFF 48 News spoke with the attorney representing the 18-year-old. He claims the school system didn’t do enough to protect and keep this student safe.

Attorney Eric Artrip said there needs to be a policy change so students can rightfully finish out their school year and have the respect and protection that they deserve.

After the allegations came to light about substitute teacher Kayla Safford having an inappropriate relationship with a senior, multiple students started threatening the boy. The attorney says some posted videos on social media bullying the student. One video showed a boy with a gun outside his home and making threats directly to the senior. He could not graduate and has since moved out of the state.

Artrip said Safford also threatened the victim after she was arrested and released.

She was hired through a company called Kelly Educational Staffing Services and was fired.

Artrip says the school offered alternative schooling or online GED program but doesn’t think that’s enough.

“It made him impossible to attend school, to attend an alternative school, and it just doesn’t seem fair that this young man that would be subjected to this kind of violence from his peers because of an inappropriate sexual relationship about one of their teachers,” said Artrip. “He has to leave school and he has to go to the alternative school. That’s not fair and we would like to see that change.”

Superintendent Jimmy Shaw said they gave the student multiple options to try and finish school but wouldn’t elaborate on what those options were.


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