The Plaintiff and her attorneys are disappointed with the statements made earlier today by the Madison County Board of Education. The Board stated how hurtful the media reports have been to the administrators involved and to the Madison County School system, but did not accept responsibility for the failed policies that caused this tragic situation.

The Board’s policy that no harasser would be punished unless he was “caught in the act,” created the very situation that allowed a boy, with a long history of sexual and violent misconduct at school, to roam the school’s halls freely, harassing girls to have sex with him in the bathroom.

Because of this policy, a teachers’ aid told the assistant principal she was sending this girl into the bathroom to catch this boy in the act; where, instead, the girl was raped.

The Department of Justice and the Department of Education reviewed this case and said that the lower court got it wrong. It got the facts wrong; it got the law wrong.

The Board’s attorney also failed to mention that the federal judge did not throw out the state law claims for negligence and wantonness against one of the administrators.

This is the exact same behavior we have seen all along from the Board: from the day of the rape, until the time they shredded the boy’s records, until they appealed the fact that Judge Putnam found evidence to support the state law claims against Ms. Dunaway.

The Plaintiff and her attorneys remain committed to seeing all the facts come forward and providing her with a day in Court.

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