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Copyright: rcphoto / 123RF Stock Photo

Was he distracted? It’s possible that he was texting or eating on his way to school. Then again, he could have been the victim of his own inexperience as a driver.

It was a clear day, just routine traffic on Memorial Parkway.  He’d probably been driving all of 6 months. He said he didn’t mean it to happen. Of course he didn’t.   It’s obvious that no one plans to plow into the back end of a car and to hurt someone and risk hurting themselves.

His car hit your newly-paid-for car causing it to ram into car in front of you.  A rush of sounds and a few jolts to your body.  The air bag exploded and when it hit it was a real jolt to both body and mind.  That was a new sensation, startling.

You’re going to be late to work.   Flitting through your mind is the need to call your boss and your family.  You’re a little stiff after the collisions – yes, now that you think about it, it was more than one impact.  Tingly.   Maybe shaken up.  Definitely not in shock.  Right?  Do you want to be transported to the Emergency Room for a medical evaluation?  Should you be?  The EMT is asking you…

When you’re in an accident, don’t be a hero!  Get checked out.  Listen to the medical personnel who arrive on the scene.

Collisions create a lot of force, even at low speeds, and cars don’t absorb it all.  The body and its articulating structures, like the neck and spine, also absorb force, which can cause sprains and strains to soft tissue.  It’s real.  Ligaments and tendons get injured.

A seat belt works well as a restraining device – restraining you and your momentum.   It will cause draw and pull across your left shoulder, chest, abdomen and hips.  Windows are also restraining devices, keeping objects inside the vehicle such as your shoulder, arm, and head. All of these are things that can bounce off windows.  Bruises to muscle and bone.  Concussions.   Your body, like a stretched and snapped-back rubber band, endured some trauma.  You’re going to need time to heal.

Only by following your doctor’s advice can you hope to hasten your recovery.  You should advise your doctor of all medical complaints, including minor ones, so your medical condition can be properly and thoroughly documented and evaluated.  That information will be critical when dealing with your insurance company if you want to be fairly compensated for your injuries.

Before commencing any settlement negotiations with the insurance company, we recommend to our clients that all medical treatment be completed or that the client reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI).   You cannot intelligently evaluate your damages until your done treating, all medical bills are final, and you have proof of wage loss information.  Keep records of all expenses related to your claim, including bills and receipts for doctors, hospitals, ambulance costs, medication and other miscellaneous expenses relating to the accident.

If you have been in an automobile accident, we can give you a free consultation about your situation.  Having a lawyer is often the best and only way to be treated fairly.  Call today and find out what your rights and responsibilities are.


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