slip and fallFalling down. We all do it. And most of us do the same thing: Get up as quickly as possible and look around furtively to see if anyone saw us fall. We then go on with our day in grass-stained pants sporting a brand new bruise.

But what if you sustain serious injuries from falling down?

Well, then its a trip to the ER and maybe the bone doctor. After 6 months or so, life returns to normal.

But what if a serious injury occurs AND the fall was due to someone else’s carelessness?

That’s where we come in and help with a civil personal injury suit.

Property owners (restaurants, garages, stores) have a duty to keep their premises free of all known hazards. If an owner, or employee of an owner, knows of a hazard (water on the floor, hole in the yard, rickety step) then they have to make it safe for the public or face a civil suit.

They say if all you’ve got is a hammer, then everything starts to look like a nail. Well, all we have in civil actions is the ability to get money damages. That’s it.
We can’t stand the guy who spilled the soda in a puddle of liquid and push him down.

We can’t shoot out the porch light of the architect who improperly designed the step.

We can’t destroy the store where the fall happened like the Death Star in the closing scenes of Star Wars IV – A New Hope.

But even if we exclude all of these more extreme measures, it goes without saying:

We are no strangers to representing those who experience injuries from falling down, and we can help get compensation for medical bills, lost time from work and pain resulting from medical procedures. 

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