In today’s world, personal safety is of paramount importance for women, regardless of age or background. The significance of being aware of your surroundings and possessing the knowledge to protect yourself in unfortunate situations cannot be overstated. With this in mind, self-defense instructors Sensei Kevin Swanner and Blackbelt Tony Mastando hosted a Women’s Self-Defense Awareness Seminar aimed at equipping real estate agent participants with the skills and awareness needed to stay safe in a variety of situations.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, approximately 1 in 5 women in the United States will experience a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault in their lifetime. Furthermore, women ages 18-24 are at the highest risk of experiencing such an attack. This highlights the pressing need for education and training in self-defense and situational awareness for women.

Whether at work, at home, or in public spaces, it is crucial for women to be constantly aware of their surroundings. Situational awareness is the foundation of self-defense and can make the difference between being a victim and staying safe. Developing a heightened sense of awareness enables women to spot potential threats and make informed decisions when faced with danger. This seminar emphasized practical strategies for staying alert and maintaining personal safety in various environments as a valuable opportunity for women to gain the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves.

Author: Naomi Adkins

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