By Javon Williams
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 5:59 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 21, 2023 at 6:01 PM CDT

At this time Clayton stepped in to get Watts off the bus so that “pictures could be taken of the bite mark”, it was also at this moment an SRO was told to arrest Jane Doe.

Jane Doe was handcuffed and taken away from JCHS in a deputy car, and her mother was informed by a JCHS representative. The lawsuit states that the representative did not tell Jane Doe’s mother that Watts had hit her daughter in the face or that she required medical attention.

Once Jane Doe was released, she was transported to urgent care for head injuries. The next day Clayton distributed the photos of the bite marks to the media “making the point that Defendant Watts was the victim.” The document also states that Clayon concealed the information that Watts had punched a “15-year-old special education girl.”

Jane Doe was suspended and was not allowed to return to classes for weeks. As of Jan. 2023, Jane Done has been placed in an alternative school and is now “required to ‘earn’ her way back into school.”

The following is from the “Pray for Relief” section of the lawsuit highlighting what Jane Doe is suing for:

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff Jane Doe requests this Court enter an Order which will:

A. Declare the conduct engaged in by the Defendants to be in violation of Plaintiff

Jane Doe’s rights under federal and Alabama law;

B. Enter appropriate declaratory and injunctive relief;

C. Award Plaintiff Jane Doe compensatory damages against the Defendants, in an

amount that will fully compensate her for the physical injuries, severe emotional

distress, and concern that she has suffered as a direct and/or proximate result of the

statutory and common law violations as set out herein;

D. Enter a judgment against all Defendants for such punitive damages as will properly

punish them for the Constitutional, statutory and common law violations

perpetrated upon Plaintiff as alleged herein, in an amount that will serve as a

deterrent to Defendants and others from engaging in similar conduct in the future;

E. Award Plaintiff Jane Doe prejudgment and post-judgment interest at the highest

rates allowed by law;

F. Award Plaintiff Jane Doe costs, expert witness fees, and reasonable attorneys’ fees;

G. Assume continuing and indefinite jurisdiction to ensure compliance with the terms

of the Orders requested herein; and,


H. Award Plaintiff Jane Doe such other and further relief, including equitable, that this

Court deems just and proper.

Jane Doe demands trial by struck jury.


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